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easter update and whats next at cj tasty treats

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hello my lovelies,

So we made it through the first blog post and we’re going for a second!

Here in Wales, we have gone from hot sunshine and sitting out in the garden to hail and snow, so this blog post is being written in front of the fire, under a blanket with a huge mug of hot coffee as the gentle sounds of a snoring dog fills the air, while the flip flops and sunglasses are well and truly back in the cupboard!

Here at CJ Tasty Treats things have been eventful over the last few weeks and we have loved every second!

The run up to Easter was much busier than we anticipated, and we are so grateful for all the orders that we took. There was a lot of love for Buntie and Bunny Jr and randomly now I can’t look at a carrot without seeing a smiley face on it!


To everyone who tagged us, shared our details on social media, sent lovely emails and photos…THANK YOU….it’s been so wonderful seeing you share and enjoy our products and the love and support for this small business has been incredible! Share your photos via our snap and tag page.

Hopefully you all had a lovely Easter Weekend, I’d love to say that we did some really exciting and glamours things, but I don’t think bathing the dog, binge watching Netflix and consuming enough chocolate to fill a caravan is high on the list of exciting things but it’s always good to recharge the batteries!

So this week has been full of new ideas and creating some fun new products, we have some fab new decorate your own kits launching in April, a selection of special occasion cookies and our Father’s Day Collection will be launching early so that anyone who wants to Pre Order in advance can….It’s all go!

Also, to celebrate the launch of the website and an incredible first month we have decided to run a ‘give away’ on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so don’t forget to have a look and if you haven’t already give us a follow!

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you in peace as someone is now wide awake and ready to play! How do I know this…because I’ve just had a tennis ball roll across my laptop!

Thanks for reading,

Much Love

CJ (& Lottie!)

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